Egypt Travel Essentials: Shopping for souvenirs


Shopping for souvenirs

Shopping in Egypt can be relaxed and leisurely, at high-class souvenir stores and hotel outlets, or part of an authentic - but sometimes hectic! - Middle Eastern experience at the local bazaars and souks. Particularly in the local bazaars, a healthy amount of bargaining is expected - which means that the "best", or "correct" price is simply the one that both parties agree on during that sale. Enjoy the game!

Some of the loveliest and best value souvenirs available from Egypt include:

Gold and silver jewelry, or "Cartouches" inscribed with your name in hieroglyphics.
Wooden boxes inlaid with mother-of-pearl.
Hand-engraved brass and copper-work.
Carved alabaster from the quarries of Upper Egypt.
Hand-sewn appliqué work - with Arabic, Pharaonic, or "naïf" folk designs.
Cotton "Galabeyyas" - traditional robes and kaftans, often beautifully embroidered.
Papyrus - still made by traditional methods, and hand-painted with intricate designs.



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Shopping for souvenirs
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