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 Ras Sudr


Ras Sudr

Ras Sudr or Ras Sidr as some people call it, is a small town located south of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, which connects mainland Egypt to Sinai. It lies at the crossroads of axes of movement between the East and the West in the Sinai Peninsula.

This tourist area has a distinctive place in the annals of history; one made more outstanding reference in holy books describing events that had occurred there. The area ha consequently become a tourist destination that has long been luring travelers and writers since the days of Herodotus, who lived more than 24 centuries ago.

The area was also given considerable attention in the researches and records of scholars accompanying the SINAI French army of Napoleon, whose fantasies were El-s whipped up by such sites as "Moses Springs, "the Pharoah 's Bath " and the " the AI-Gharandal Valley.

Tourist attractions
Tourism assets of the area are so varied: natural, such as the mild climate, beach overlooking azure sea waters, fabulous mountains, valleys, natural water springs and unique flora and fauna. It also has such cultural attractions as battle and historical sites, Bedouin heritage and Sinai handicrafts.

Mountains and Valleys
The range of famed Sinai Mountains extends behind the coastal plains. They include the mountains of Far'oun (Pharaoh), EL-Teeh (Diaspora) and Om Katheera .They hem in the valleys of Al-Gharandal and Abu-Gada, which are charming destinations for lovers of safari tourism and mountain climbers.

Springs and Wells
Mineral and hot water springs spread all around the coastal and mountain areas .Foremost among them are the Moses sulfur springs, whose water temperature ranges between 35 and 40 degrees and the Pharaoh's Bath. whose sulfur water temperature reaches up to 75 degrees.

Flora and Fauna
Ras Sedr is known for the mountain goat ibex, particularly popular among Sinai's hunters, and for camels trained on trekking rugged mountain valleys. Vegetation is more copious in Ras Matarma and the valleys of Al-Gharandal and Abu-Gada.It includes tamarisk trees and doum and date palms.The area attracts many kinds of birds,such as quails and partridges in their seasons of migrating from the north, particularly in Ras Matarma.

Historical sites and attraction
The area was a station on the path of the exodus of Moses and Israelites from Egypt. Its passages were also the scene of many religious events and incidents described in holy books. They had also witnessed many military battles throughout history and were trodden and frequented by merchants' caravans over the various ages.

The area has long been regarded as historical destination.

The area stretches for 95 km along the eastern coast of the Suez Gulf in one of the most spectacular spots in the province of South Sinai.

Hotels in Ras Sudr

Moon Beach
Tel: 069-340-1501 12 13 /4

Paradise Hilton
Tel: 069-387-0100 / 1

Ramada Plaza Ras Sudr
Tel: 010-171 -7841 / 2

Royal Beach
Tel: 069-340-0101 14



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