Natural Parks in Egypt


Natural Parks in Egypt
Aswan Natural Parks

Saloga,Gazal Protected Areas
Saloga and Gazal islands are located in the Nile, about 3 km North of the Aswan Dam.. Amponarty, Amon and Plant garden islands are located North of the protected area while Suhail island is in the Southern part . These islands of the first Cataract in Aswan are considered as a unique environment for their greenery as well as being a shelter for migrant birds. The natural resources of these islands sustain local and migrant birds, some are rare and others are threatened by extinction. Among them are some birds which have lived and reproduce since the Pharaonic era .

El-Allaky Valley Protected Area
Located about 180 km South of Aswan, East of Lake Nasser, this valley is a dry riverbed which springs from the Red sea hills; specially Elba mountain.
In this region soft trees are found in addition to agricultural activities there are mineral resources such as ,mines for marble, granite and gold. Also there are about 15 kinds of mammals such as camels, donkeys, goats, deer and hyena as well as about 16 kinds of birds.

Matrouh Natural Parks

El-Ameed Natural Protected Area
Located on the Northwestern coast about 83 km West of Alexandria, it consists of three areas
1) The central area “heart” covers about 8 km.
2) The separating area “protected” covers about 7 km.
3) T marginal area.
The natural environment in this protected area includes different kinds of wild herbs which grow in this region and are used for medical purposes. It also includes different kinds of animals such as deer, wild rabbit, desert fox and rats. Also there are different kinds of wild birds, insects, reptiles and snails.

North Sinai Natural Parks
El-Zaraneek protected area is located in the Eastern part of El-Bardaweel lake, covering an area of about 25 km West of El-Arish. El-Zaraneek , Sabkh El –Bardaweel the coastal jungle extend from El- Arish to the international border in Rafah .
This region is very important for migrant birds coming from Eastern Europe , North West Asia , Russia and Turkey on their way to central and Southeast Africa, cutting thousands of miles to escape from the cold Winter and search of rich food resources.

Port Said Natural Parks
Ashtom El-Gameel and Tanees Island Protected Areas
They are located 7 km West of Port Said on the road between Port Said and Damietta.

South Sinai

Abu-Galum Natural Parks
The beauty of this area covering 400 square Km stews from the combination of mountains and beaches, coral reefs, marine life, desert and mountainous ecosystems. Valleys and mountains are rich in wild animals, birds and plants which made this area very attractive for diving, safari and bird watching. Separate areas parts of the protected areas are located on the Gulf of Aqaba and are considered a protected environment, including tourist developed cities like : Sharm El-Sheikh and Dahab .

Nabk Natural Parks
Nabk covers an area of 600 square km and is characterized by a wide variety of ecosystems including 134 plants species. It has mangrove forest, extended for 4,5 kms on the coast of the gulf Aqaba North of Sharm El-Sheikh. Wildlife there includes gazelle, spooubills, ospery, and other species of birds, insects and reptiles.

Ras Mohamed Natural Park
Located between the gulfs Suez and Aqaba in the Southern part of Sinai peninsula with a total area of 480 km, it also includes Sharm El-Seikh, the island of Tiran and the shore lines from Nabk. Ras Mohamed is characterized by its coral platforms and reefs, colored fish, turtles ( which are threatened by extinction ) and wonderful marine life. The rare Osprey bird which is a fish eating falcon is one of its distinguishing features.

Ras Mohamed is considered as one of the topmost famous protected areas in the world for diving, as offers a suitable environment for big marine creatures such as Shark, Barracuda, Tuna, Mackerel ..etc... Also it is distinguished by different species of birds such as the Eagle, the Falcon, and mammals including the Hyena and mountain goats.

Facilities, Services and Equipment
The management uses pavement equipment, sets for environmental mentoring, labs, medical and diving equipment and telescopes, and a marina to serve private boats of the protected area. Visitors will find the reception center equipped with a video and slides projection hall, scientific library and other services. Boats, cars and motorcycles are also available.




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