Modern Spots to visit in Egypt


Modern Egypt
Egypt has recently witnessed the inauguration of modern tourist establishments cater to the needs of its various visitors. These modern projects Alexandria Library, Cairo Tower, Pharoanic village, The Opera House, October War Panorama, Media Production City, The Zoo, International Gardens.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which was considered one of the most famous wonders of the world, was revived in Alexandria.

The old one was served as a melting pot and meeting point of different cultures and civilizations and languages, attracting prominent scientists and intellectuals from all over the world. It was really a center for dialogue and tolerance as well as science and learning . The principal objective of reviving the Bibliotheca Alexandria is to establish a comprehensive research library with a unique purpose.

The new library is designed as a modern state – of – the - art center of learning capable of crossing the frontiers, meeting the challenges of the 21st century, contributing to excellence in research and advancement of human knowledge .
The library will is a unique research institution, is also be an invaluable information resource to support decision-making and broaden future horizons for the cultural, social and economic development of Egypt and the region .

The new Bibliotheca Alexandria occupies a site of 45000 m2 located in the center of Alexandria near the Silsila peninsula . This is the location of the ancient royal quarter, where the first library is thought to have been located .
The corniche waterfront avenue and the sea bind the library site from the North for a length of 305 m giving the library a magnificent view of the Eastern harbor . Also, on the site , is the Conference Center of Alexandria , 5000 m2 , which will complement the facilities of the library .

Library Services
The library's services include: main library, young peoples library, library for the blind, planetarium, science museum, calligraphy museum, Alexandria museum, archaeological museum, International School of Information Studies (ISIS), conservation and restoration laboratory, conference center of Alexandria and ancillary services, multi-purpose room and exhibition areas.

Facts and Figures
Total floors : 11 building height : 33 m
Total floor areas : 85405 m2 universal library – 36770 m2 cultural activities , 4210 m2 maps
Technical services and operational support –10860m2
International School of Information Studies (ISIS) –3500m2
Conference center ancillary services, other areas –30840m2
Books:400000 at inauguration/8 million ultimately
Periodicals 500/4000
Audio/visual/multimedia materials:10 000
Manuscripts & rare books:10000/50000
Computer data base: Optical internet access to the information superhighways

Sunday to Thursday : Hours from 10:30 am To : 7:30 pm
Friday & Saturday: from 3:30 pm To 7:30 pm
For reservation: call General service office

Bibliotheca Alexandria – Shatby
Alexandria P . B : 21526
Tel : 002 – 03 – 4830345
Fax : 002 – 03 – 4830339
EMail : 
Website : 

Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center
Established in 1989, it is located in Nasr City and includes three main halls in addition to the hall of ceremonies and another for exhibitions, besides offices for secretarial and press work and other media .

Conference Center in Alexandria University
Located at Selsela in Shatby, it is a cultural center with several halls where meetings , lectures, national and international conferences are held . It also houses a theatre equipped with the latest equipment for theatre , cinema , concert and Opera shows

Cairo Tower
One of the most recently built landmarks of Cairo, it is located in the center of Gezira island overlooking the Nile. It is 187 meters high with two levels on top. The first level has a revolving restaurant and cafeteria, and the rooftop floor provides a panoramic view of Cairo and its suburbs through telescopes.

The Pharaonic Village
It is located on El-Bahr Al-A’azam street in Giza and presents daily shows from 9 am till 5 pm. It is a panorama representing ancient Egyptians daily life. The visitor can take a Nile cruise and watch trees, birds and also practice fishing .

October War Panorama, Cairo
It has an interesting display with moving sound effects. It exhibits an I-Max theatre in the background with reenactment of actual battle scenes. The panorama is designed to commemorate the victories of October War. It is located on Salah Salem street near the Exhibition Centre

Media Production City
Recently established , it aims at presenting services for high quality TV and film production ; in line with preserve the values and traditions of Arab culture. It is situated in the 6th of October City on an area of 2 million square meters.

The city comprises the following shooting facilities : the Pharaonic, Islamic, Bedouin and rural areas, under water photography, Dream land “ Magic Land “ leisure park, Egypt’s Gate, and the information centre.

The Zoo
Established in 1980, it contains a large variety of species of animals and birds in addition to exotic plants and trees. It is located in Giza.

Cairo Garden for International Festivals
Inaugurated in 1986 at El-Zuhour district, in Nasr City, it features models of gardens from different countries, an open- air stage , a mini zoo and entertainment fair grounds

Cairo contains also bosats a large number of gardens : El-Asmak garden in Zamalek, the Pharaonic Hur garden in Gezira, the Orman garden in Giza, the Japanese garden in Helwan, the Barrages, Merryland gardens in Heliopolis, El Fustat garden in Old Cairo, and El-Andalus, Nile and Horreya gardens in Gezira.




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