Egypt Travel Essentials: Language & learn few words to get you  through



The national language in Egypt is Arabic. However, tourists will rarely find a problem communicating as English is widely spoken in hotels and shops, with French a close second, and many staff in tourist areas also speaking German or Italian.

Learn few Arabic words to get you through

Arabic is written from right to left, and the language itself has many different spoken dialects, some so far apart from each other that native Arabic speakers from different countries may actually have difficulty understanding each other. The Arabic used in Egypt is the most widely understood dialect, due in large part to the fact that most of the Arabic movies are produced in Egypt. However, written or "classical" Arabic is the same across the Arab world, and is basically an older, purer form of the language. Modern-day spoken Arabic in Egypt is vastly different in both vocabulary and grammar from the written classical Arabic that is used in newspapers, magazines and books - to the extent that if the same difference were expressed in English, it would be as if all printed material were written in Chaucerian! This enormous variety of vocabulary in daily use in the Arab world is part of the reason that Arabic is considered such an expressive language. Native Arabic speakers also tend to have a great appreciation for the beauty of their own language, and poetry, or songs using poetic expressions, are greatly valued.
Egypt Mus-r / Mis-r   Water Mayaah
Good morning Saba-hel-kheer   Where Feen
Good evening Misaa' el-kheer   How much? Bi-kem?
Welcome! A-h-lan!   That's a lot! Kiteer awi!
Goodbye Maa salaama   Beautiful Gameel
Please Min fad-lak   Wow, cool!! Ishta!!
Thank you Shok-ran   Never mind Maa-lesh
Yes Ay-wa   Tomorrow Bok-ra
No La'-a   if God wills! In-sha' al-lah
Tips Bak-sheesh   No problem! Ma-feesh mosh-kela




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