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 Therapeutic Tourism

Egypt is rich with its peerless treatment facilities thanks to genuine natural resources, dry and warm climate, and lots of mineral and sulfuric streams, black curative sands.

Helwan suburb is located about thirty kilometers away from Cairo , and to the east of the River Nile , Helwan is about forty meters above the sea level. Helwan climate is dry moderate, humidity percentage is about 58%there are several sulphurous and mineral Spring , a Health Center was founded there for the treatment of rheumatism and rheumatic pains . Treatment in Helwan dated back to 1899, then the baths were renewed in 1955, Helwan Center for the treatment of rheumatism and physical treatment was built on the Islamic Style of architecture, the center includes 38 rooms for the treatment, rest rooms and places for patients to reside . the whole place is surrounded by fantastic gardens. A group of specialized professors supervise the center and a strict rules must be followed such as a general check up before the beginning of treatment. Files must be kept for followed up of each patient.

Helwan Center has the following facilities

- A modern scanning unit.
- Scientific Laboratory
- Cardiac clinic
- Electro therapy unit
- Sauna
- Under water massage unit
- Carbon Dioxide bath for treatment of blood circulation
- Mud bath
- Weight loss unit

The center can handle different diseases
- Rheumatoid
- Muscle inflammation
- Neurotics
- Skin diseases
- Infertility
- weight loss

The center offers treatment for the following diseases based on scientific programms.

- Joint Inflammation
- Chronic Rheumatoid
- Inflammation of sympathetic muscles
- Nerve inflammation and its pain
- Paralysis
- Psychometrics
- Gout
- Respiratory tract infection
- Skin diseases ( dermatology ) such as ( scabies , eczemas, Acne and psoriasis)
- Osteopr osis
- Chronic vascular deficiency
- Ovaries Inflammation
- Obesity

Baharia Oasis
Baharia Oasis is situated 365 kilometers to the southern west of the town of Giza . The area besides being a place of archaeological importance and it contains foundations of medical tourism and environmental treatment. Baharia Oasis will be within two years , one of the extensions of Greater Cairo zone after finishing its airport which will decrease the trip from Cairo to an hour only , instead of five hours by cars. Archaeological Tourism The most fabulous archaeological sites are the tombs of the 26 th dynasty , the cemetery of Holy Birds, the remains of the Roman arch of victory , the remains of a temple dated back to the time of Alexander the Great . There is also the tomb of the gold mummified crops that shed the light on an important period of Egyptian history at the beginning of the Roman era , Dr Zahy Hawas the great Egyptologist discovered the tomb which contains about ten thousands of gold mummifications. The Tomb of the Oasis Ruler ( the 26 th Dynasty ) the discovery encountered about one hundred gold coins besides a number of gold statues of different gods. Baharia Oasis contains about four hundred warm and cold springs . scientific research made at the Egyptian Universities and foreign universities as well proved that the water is useful in the treatment of rheumatism, rheumatoid and skin diseases , that qualifies this area to be one of the best treatment resorts in the world because of its dry moderate climate and the shinning sun all the year round. Baharia Oasis is famous among tourists of central Europe , western Europe and northern Europe as they come especially to it to have their treatment in the springs of well Halfa and its warm water about (30 degrees Celsius ) and sometimes the temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius .
The archaeological sites are the Roman wells and the famous Beshmo well that has two sources of water , one of them is hot while the other is cold , both run to the same stony deep stream.

Treatment places in Baharia Oasis
The Hotel of El-Ein El-Sokhna has been built at the most high level in the Baharia Oasis , it contains 50 beds and 24 rooms, a gymnasium , a swimming pool , sauna . Another International specialized center in environmental therapy will be built soon to benefit from the treating values of the wells and natural springs of the area.

Baharia natural springs

The most wonderful Oasis in the western desert , the Oasis of beauty , poetry , the paradise of artists , there is no similar place like it in the whole world. Sand dunes and palm trees and olive trees scattered in the Oasis with clear wells and springs. Bedouins and their tents on the vast desert area a great scene of green land among the vast desert. Siwa Oasis is located about 300 kilometers to the west of Mersa Matrouh. It is the best place for environmental treatment in Egypt. Siwa is famous for its moderate climate , pure air and blue clear sky.

Siwa environmental treatment is well known all over Egypt

El Dakrror Mountain
It is located to the south west of Siwa Oasis ,people of siwa believe that the mountain is sacred . They celebrate yearly in a big festival in October after the Harvest Season ( The Valley Season ) . The festival lasts for three days , all the inhabitants of the valley must participate in the festival . The mountain has got fame as a place for treating rheumatism , joint pains and weakness . The aged people gained experience in the treatment known as burying the diseased parts of the body in hot sand for certain period of time in the day . This kind of environmental treatment gained fame and many tourists and Arabs come to have their treatment .
The climate is moderate and the percentage of evaporation . humidity and the different colors. Sand and green land , these qualifications are suitable to be a place for therapy tourism .

Hot Springs
Siwa Oasis has got many springs , they are being used as environmental treatment place , the water is capable of curing some diseases such as psoriasis , rheumatism and some digestive system diseases . The most famous springs is the Kegar well , the temperature of its water is 67 degree Celsius . Scientific research proved that the water contains amounts of minerals similar to that found in the water of the springs of Carlo Vefari ( CHEZ ) the famous Health Center where tourists visit to have their treatment.

The New Valley
The New Valley Governorate is one of the biggest governorates in Egypt . Its area is about 37.6 % of the whole area of Egypt . The Egyptian history is engraved in the New Valley . There are many monuments from the Ancient Egyptian civilization, Ptolemy era, The Roman era , the Coptic period and the Islamic period . People who live on the New Valley have their old traditions and customs , they are skilled at different domestic industries and handcrafts . The New Valley climates is dry , moderate and the sun is always shinning , it is pure area without air pollution . The sandy area includes some rare kinds of plants that are used in the components of medicines . There are also springs and natural water wells, their temperature is about 34 degree Celsius containing some useful minerals.

El Kharga

The Beaulac wells
The Beaulac wells are deep wells almost about 1000 meters under the ground surface , with temperature about 28 degrees Celsius . Scientific research proved that the water contains many useful minerals of great medical importance . Sand dunes scattered in the desert with soft sand can be used in the treatment of some diseases such as rheumatism , rheumatoid , joint pains , some sorts of inner bone inflammation, by using the method of burying the diseased parts in the sand for specific period of time . There is a rest house for the tourists visiting the area , an international health resort will be built soon .The Beaulac wells is near the main road connecting El Kharga with Paris Village and Luxor.

Nasser Wells
They are a group of three wells emerging from three different depths , their water are collected in a swimming pool , the temperature of water is 28 degrees Celsius all the year round .The swimming pool is used for the treatment of rheumatism , joint pains , skin inflammation kidney stones , renal calic and some digestive system troubles .A vast area of green land surrounded the wells with beautiful gardens. A huge tent was erected to host the tourists in the area , there is also a restaurant.

Kharga Oasis

El Dakhla Oasis

Mut 3 wells
Mut is the capital of the oasis. The wells are about 3 kilometers away from the town. They are wells of self flow emerged from a depth of 1224 meters under the ground surface.
The temperature of the water is 43 degrees Celsius.
Scientific research proved that the water contains many dissolved minerals useful in the treatment of some diseases such as rheumatism, psoriasis and joint pains .
Beside the wells ,two swimming pools were established, one for the adults while the other for children. There is also a restaurant and the area is connected to the main car road, leading to many tourist adventures.


Dakhla Oasis

Ein El Gabel well
Situated about 52 kilometers away from the town of Mut, the well has been recently emerged, there is no treatment facilities there yet, The water temperature is 54 degrees Celsius.

El Farafra, Well 6
The well is situated about six kilometers to the west of Al Farafra, it is a deep well, the water temperature is about 24 degrees Celsius all the year round.
A tourist Village has been set up in the area including a swimming pool, a restaurant and other facilities. The area is surrounded by white sand desert, tourists from all over the world are keen to visit the area. Farafra oasis is connected to the other oases by the main road of cars.

Herbal medicine
The New Valley oases, there are group of plants and herbs that can be used in the treament of some diseases, some of them are:

Catnip, dammsesa, Al Ashaar karkadeh
They are used in the treatment of rheumatism, catnip is mainly used to cure the digestive system diseases especially stomach ache .

Egleeg (sugar palm)
It is used in the treatment of diabetes patients.

It is bitter in taste but it has great effect in the relief of the joint pains by heating the fruit and cutting it into two halves and be put on the place of pain.

Tourists on their way to Aswan whether for treatment or leisure must stay in Luxor which contains one third of the world monuments of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Places of residence are available in different hotel levels. There is also an international Hospital in Luxor.

Aswan is considered the most famous winter resort in the world, graced with the most beautiful setting on the Nile which inspired poets to write poems. Sailboats etch the sky with their tall masts. A beauty of nature only exists in Aswan. Aswan is situated on the eastern bank of the River Nile, about 899 kilometers south of Cairo. Winter is warm, granite rocks and the yellow sand in one combination including the emerald islands covered with palm trees and tropical plants.
It is a fantastic trip in a sailing boat at the sun set looking at the plant garden which is one of Aswan attractions. The markets in Aswan full of spices, rugs, scarves and baskets. Perfumes and scent are exported to Europe labeled as Made in Egypt.

Kalabsha Temple
The kalabsha Temple is the biggest temple in Nubia. The sandstone edifice was built by the Roman Emperor.

Octavius Augustus and dedicated to the fertility god Mandulis.
Kalabsha Temple was moved to its present location after building of the High Dam about 750 meters south of the High Dam.

Elephantine Island
A fabulous archaeological site. Its sand is used in the treatment of indulging the diseased parts in the sand for a period of time to help in curing rheumatism and other related diseased. The treatment starts from March till October every year as the sun shines and being very hot.
The environmental treatment center in Obroi Hotel presents its services, the Hotel includes sauna and Turkish baths. There is a group of specialist in the treatment on scientific bases.

Isis Island Resort
Tourists came to Aswan islands to be treated from Rheumatoid for about three weeks, the results were successful despite the primitive way of treatment. The Egyptian National Research Center made many scientific analysis and research with astonishing results that the black sand contained many minerals and some radioactive materials which have a great effect in treating rheumatoid. Specialists due the speed recovery of their patients to the ultraviolet rays which are reflected from the mountains surrounding Isis Island and the water of the river Nil while burying parts of the body inside the sand and mud of the Nile, beside the dry climate of Aswan.

The therapeutic regimen with sand and water for the treatment of rheumatoid in Isis resort is due to the density of salt in sea water and the ultraviolet rays besides the usage of natural black sand.

Abu Simbel:
The most magnificent monuments in the world. The monuments in a Sound and Light performance uttering the history of Ancient Egyptian in eight different languages, Arabic, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Russian. The area is famous for the density of ultraviolet rays in its climate and the low humidity levels most times of the year which make it possible for the treatment of chronic rheumatic pains, respiratory tact inflammation and other diseases. In February and October every year, there are two days in which there is a perpendicular sun on Abu Simple temple, that shows the glory of Ancient Egyptians and their achievements in many fields of knowledge.

Natural and environmental therapy
Aswan is one of the most wonderful winter resort in the world. The climate is moderate and dry suitable for the treatment method of burying the diseased pats in hot sand for a period of time to get efficient results. There are two centers for the treatment by sand and water, the diseased parts of the body are indulged into a mixture of sand and water to cure rheumatic pains. Some international health centers paid attention to study the climate of Aswan.
The scientific studies proved that Aswan has got a high density of ultraviolet rays and a remarkable humidity proportion that help in curing and treating different diseases.

Herbal Treatment
Nubians are still believe in herbal medicine. Scientific studies proved the great effect of herbs in curing different diseases. Some of these herbs were mentioned in Dawood el Antaky prescription (paper), The medical materials by Ahmed Ibn Rasheed and the Law in medicine by Ibn Sina.

The Nubian environmental treatment ( therapy )
Nubians used the method of burying the diseased parts in hot sand to enhance the blood circulation and the speed recovery of joints pains, The treatment also includes celebrations, songs, dances by the relatives of the patients to relief their pains and entertain them. The patients then wrapped in cloth to protect them from catching cold, hot drinks are served. Old people who are responsible for the treatment are experts in their field, they also use ( Domera ) which is similar to the new treatment known as pleoma to treat headache, tooth pain and muscles fraction.

Scientific explanation to the environmental treatment
The improvement in treating rheumatic pains is due to the hot sand that affect the nerve ends and the blood circulation. This treatment is similar to the newly invented therapy known as biotherapy which depends on the hot mud or the hot sand with some radioactive materials in safe amounts to be absorbed through the skin because of its anti-inflammatory nature. The Domera is similar to the method known as pleoma which is used in international health. Centers mixing the mud with natural and mineral water depending on the property of humid heat. The scientific research proved that the surface sand in Abu Simble contains useful radio – active elements that can help in curing some diseases.Scientific research centers proved the density of ultraviolet ray that helps in curing some chromic rheumatic pains.

Abu Simbel International Hospital
It is an international specialized hospital equipped with the latest and modern devices in different branches of medicine. The hospital presents services to a vast area from Abu Simble to the newly established Toushki area

The Red Sea

Hurghada is the capital city of the Red Sea Governorate, it is situated 295 Kilometers to the south of Suez. It has a moderate climate in winter and summer. The sea water is clear, the coral reefs and its marine life make it a center of attraction to fans of diving and marine sport. The natural wealth of environmental treatment. Hurghada combines between using the sea water and the mud extracted from the coral reefs treatment. The sun is always shinning and the sand is full of useful minerals besides the mud from the mines.
There are many hotels and tourist resorts for all levels.

Aslan Holding International
The Aslan youth and beauty center was established in 1949. Prof. Ana Aslan search for a treatment of rheumatism, she discovered H3 known as Procaine or Novocain. Dr. Ana Aslan is famous for her treatment of old age ailments. Shewas elected as the president of the National Institute for research of old age ailment in Romania. Dr. Ana Aslan developed the method of treatment, she got many national and international awards.

Treatment inside the center
Every patient must have a general check up before the beginning of the therapy.
Some diseases can be cured in the center such as: -
- The prevention of the organs deterioration due to old age.
- Depression.
- Menopause syndromes.
- Vascular deficiency.

Safaga is the best place in the world for the treatment and therapy of psoriasis, it is surrounded by high mountains works as a natural fence against wind and sand storms. The climate is moderate and the concentration of the sun rays and the ultraviolet rays help in the treatment and therapy of psoriasis. The sea water has a high proportion of saltiness about 35% in similar places, so the person who swims in the area will find himself floating easily on water surface. The gravity is low which helps in treating some diseases such as the vascular deficiency and a high flow of the blood to the limbs. The high proportion in the saltiness of sea water has a great effect in treating psoriasis and the high density of ultraviolet rays in the area help in curing different skin diseases.

Black Sand
Scientific research results proved that the sand in Safaga has three radioactive minerals they are Uranium, Thorium and Potassium with the percentage of 40% which is safe enough in the treatment of psoriasis, joint pains, joint oedema and skin inflammation. The humidity is low and the ultraviolet rays help in curing different diseases.

The dry, moderate climate and the sun shinning all the year round make Safaga the best place in the world for the complete therapy of some incurable diseases.
Patients with history of heart , kidney and liver diseases are advised never to go places which are under the sea level for harmful effects on their health.
Safaga climate is suitable for these patients and causing no harm to their health.
Safaga has the least amount of ”Bromum” that causes skin Inflammation.

Mina Ville Tourist Village
The Village is located in a fantastic place . The climate is dry , moderate which make the Village a place for therapy and entertainment .Thermal Health Center in Carlo Vefari in Czechoslovakia ( one of the most famous health centers in the world ) a health center was opened inside the Village in 1999 .The area of the center is 800 square meters and is surrounded by green land .The center includes medical clinics , Jacuzzi , sauna and rooms for electro therapy , There is also a gymnasium and massage rooms .The center is run by a group of specialists in all medical branches .Therapy inside the center includes Electro therapy , mineral water therapy unit , Natural treatment by inhaling pure oxygen , paraffin , wax therapy for treating old age aliments .There are 301 rooms for tourists all of them overlook the sea . The rooms are with double beds air-conditioned and equipped with telephone , fridge and cabled television sets. The Village presents different services to satisfy the visitors .Sports fans can enjoy the international diving center with the latest and modern diving devices , a center for sailing boats on super level, marine trips to the near island can be arranged , there is also the glass boat. Sports activities in the Village :
A swimming pool, Jacuzzi , tennis courts , speed ball , safari , gymnasium, children garden with giant chess pieces .
A shopping mall, a communication center ( international telephone and fax ), a conference hall, exchange services , restaurants bars and discotheque .

The services offered at Mina ville tourist village are of a high standards equal to many services offered in similar places in the world .

Sinai peninsula is situated to the north of the great crack . It is the geophysical crack between Asia and Africa . Being as an inverted triangle , based on two angles on Suez bay and El Akabaa bay , based on Rafaah , Port Said in the north and Ras Mohammad in the south . Sinai is the land of civilizations , the land of religions, the eastern gate to Egypt through which passed Prophets , saints travelers and invaders. Sinai is a unique place combining all kinds of tourism religious, cultural , history , sports , treatment and entertainment .
There are many natural wells and hot springs such as the Pharaoh bath and Moses bath. These baths have great effect in the treatment of some incurable diseases , besides the dry, moderate climate of the area .

Southern Sinai

Sharm El Seikh
It is about 336 kilometers from Suez and 53 kilometers away from Ras Mohammad and is situated on the Akabba bay . It is a summer resorts as well as being a winter resort .

The Pharaoh bath
The Pharaohs bath is located on the Suez bay about 250 kilometers away from Cairo .
It consisted of a group of natural hot springs , its temperature is 27 degrees Celsius , the water flows directly from the mountain forming a natural lake with 100 meters length along the sea shore . The mountain above contains a stone tunnel used a natural hot sauna because the hot water springs from inside the mountain .. Scientific research proved the importance of the water in treating some diseases such as rheumatism and rheumatoid , kidney diseases , lung inflammation , skin diseases .

The climate is moderate and dry , there are vast areas of hot sand which can be used for the treatment of different diseases.
A health resort in this are is currently under construction, the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East for environmental and natural treatment.
The resort is in Ras Mallab area on the Suez bay about 70 kilometers away from Abu Redees airport . The location centered Ancient Egyptian monuments .

The project consists of the following :
- A five star hotel 230 rooms and 27 chalets with 500 beds .
- Health Center that can receive about 500 visitors , the center is equipped with the newest  devices such as massage unit , mud bath besides a cosmetic department using natural components . A specialized group of professors supervise the center Swimming pools .
- Restaurants.
- Marine sports center .
- Sports playgrounds.
- A shopping mall .
- A landing spot for helicopters.

Moses bath
A wonderful oasis covered in palm trees around a natural hot spring , its water has ability of healing wounds especially of diabetic patients , it affects the body weakness and regulates the high blood pressure . Moses bath is 100 kilometers away from Sharm el Sheikh .

The South of Sinai has many advantages that attract the tourists attention in Egypt there are 14 persevered areas four of which are situated in Sinai . Ras Mohammad persevered area is the most famous one , it is near Sharm el Sheikh city. Ras Mohammad has got rare kinds of fish , coral reefs , plants and huge high mountains .

Health Center at Sheraton Sharm ( Sothys Spa )
The center occupies an area about 1600 meters beside the main entrance of Sheraton Hotel overlooks the sea.

The center contains :-
- A special swimming pool for massage
- A swimming pool
- Sauna (two halls)
- Cardiac clinic
- Restaurant
- General clinic
- Turkish bath

Treatment facilities :-
- Exercise therapy
- Water therapy
- Body therapy
- Face therapy





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