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 Egyptian Oases

Though spread out and extremely varied, the oases of Egypt are all nestled west of the River Nile. Secluded and quiet, these oases are unspoiled refuges from the modern world, pockets of civilization in the dramatic setting of the desert surrounded by sand and sky. Each oasis has a character of its own, with traditional Bedouin life-style, date groves, pigeon towers, white desert and Due-washed mud houses.

Dakhla Oases
The capital “ Mut” houses the Museum of Heritage . Bir El-Gabal , a palm – fringed salt lake where you can camp and picnic , is on the road back to Mut .
Other day trips from Mut could include the El-Mozawaka tombs and Deir El–Hagar , a temple which was originally dedicated to the Theban Triad and later rebuilt by the Romans.



Kharga Oases
Outside the main centre is the temple of Hibis , built on the site of a Saite Persian and Ptolemaic settlement . One of the few Persian monuments in Egypt , the 6th century BC .
Ten kilometers away , the necropolis of El–Bagawat houses 263 mud–brick chapels with Coptic murals . Pharaonic monuments include El–Ghuwayta Temple .
The thermal springs at Bulak and Nasser villages , to the South , are famous for water temperature of up to 43 C and reputed to be suitable for the treatment of rheumatism and allergies. Ancient monuments include the Roman temple of Dush , dedicated to Isis and Serapis.

Hotels in Kharga Oases

El Kharga Oasis
Tel: 092-792-1500/ 792-4940

Hamadalla Hotel
Tel: 092-792-0638

Farfara Oases
There are hot sulphur springs at Bir Setta and El-Mufid Lake. The oasis houses Kasr Al – Farafra and Kasr Abu Minkar which are remains of Roman buildings . Beautiful hand-knitted, camel hair sweaters , socks and scarves are also local products . Day trips by jeep and camel treks from here to the White desert , Bahariya , Dakhla and Siwa can be arranged .


Fayoum Oases
Fayoum is renowned for its year–round warm climate , numerous water wheels and lush agricultural land . Opposite the local marketplace in Fayoum city nearby is the 15th century mosque of Kwawand Asla–bey built by Sultan Qaitbey .
There are many Pharaonic sites in the area, for example : the red granite obelisk of Senusert Iand the pyramid of Senusert II at Lahun , the pyramid of Amenemhat III at Hawara , and the remains of the ancient city of Karanis where you can camp and visit the site museum. Birdlife still abounds around lake Qaroun, bordered by semi–nomadic bedouin settlements and fishing villages
Here, on the edge of the desert, you can sail, windsurf , swim and fish . Other places of outstanding natural beauty near Fayoum are the mineral springs at Ain El–Silin ,Ain El-Shaer and the waterfalls at Wadi El-Rayan , 40 km towards Bahariya Oasis .

Hotels In Fayoum

Auberge Du Lac-Fayoum
Tel: 084-657-2001/2

Honeyday Hotel
Tel: 084-634-0105/ 1205


Bahariya Oases
Most of the villages and cultivated land can be viewed from the top of the 50-meters high Gabal El–Maysarah , together with the massive dunes . Wild life is plentiful , especially birds. Bawiti is the largest village in the oasis its picturesque hillside quarter overlooks lush palm groves irrigated by Ain El-Beshmo , a natural spring hewn from the rock in Roman times which gushes water at 30 C . El-Qasr was built on the remains of a 26 th dynasty temple. Nearby, at Qarat Hilwa, you can still see tombs with paintings dating to the same period .
Bahariya is famous for its mineral and sulphur springs , including Bir Mathar and Bir El–Ghaba. Go on desert excursions by day and spend your evening relaxing in the cafés, smoking shisha, playing backgammon and listening to authentic Bedouin music.

Hotels in Bahariya Oases

Soly Mar Inn Bahareya
Tel: 010-538-2920


Siwa Oases
Siwa is one of the most fascinating oases Climb through the ruins of the old city for magnificent views of the whole oasis dynasty tombs with murals and inscriptions at Gabal El-Mawta and the Oracle of Amun . Near the oracle is a ruined Temple of Amun and the famous Cleopatra Bath , a deep pool of bubbling water where you can bathe .Another favourite bathing spot is Fatnis Island , on the salt lake of Birket Siwa , surrounded by palm trees and beautiful scenery.

Hotels in Siwa Oases

Adrere Amellal Hotel
Tel: 02-736-7879 (Cairo reservation office)

Siwa Safari Paradise
Tel: 046-460-1290/1590


The White Desert
Bahariya and Farafra are separated by huge golden sand dunes .
Once through El–Sillim pass you enter the white desert , a unique landscape of surreal wind  eroded rock formations which are particularly magical at sunrise or sunset.

The New Valley
The four New Valley oases are situated along a dead prehistoric branch of the Nile and depend on springs and wells tapping water under the desert.




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