Egypt Travel Essentials: Documentation & Security



Travelers to Egypt must carry a valid passport, with validity no less than six months beyond the period of their stay. The passport must contain at least two blank pages.

Travelers should refer to their closest Egyptian Embassy or consulate to check on exact visa requirements at their time of travel. However, it is worth noting that for most North America and Western European nationalities, tourist visa may be purchased upon arrival at any Egyptian international airport. A&K can arrange for pre-purchase of such visa stamps upon request.


You should keep all travel documents, travelers' cheques, cash, passports and other valuables in your hotel or cruise boats 'safety deposit boxes. Although street crime is at a minimum, as in any other country, travelers are encouraged to use common sense and not wear ostentatious jewellery. It is also advisable to carry only small amounts of money.

In general you will find people hospitable and friendly. Personal security in Egypt is rarely an issue at all, and Cairo is considered one of the safest cities in the world. Visitors can comfortably walk at night along main city streets. However, it is recommended that a tighter hold on purses and wallets is kept when wandering round bazaars; and it is advisable for women in particular to dress more conservatively out of respect for local customs when in more traditional areas or small towns.





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