Egypt Travel Essentials: Clothing and What to pack


What to pack

In addition to your clothing, following the guidelines above, we recommend to pack the following:

Very good, comfortable walking shoes: You will be doing a considerable amount of walking, and shoes should not be just comfortable, but comfortable to walk long distances.

Hats and other covering: Large brimmed hats that provide not only a head covering but also a certain amount of shade will come in very handy in the hot Egyptian sun during summer. In addition, scarves or other apparel should be taken along to cover shoulders and arms, and again, or not only important for visiting religious sites, but also to keep the sun off during treks. In very hot weather, a cloth hat or scarf that can be soaked will also help keep your head cool.

Sun block: While sun blocks may be purchased in Egypt, you might prefer to bring your own favorite brand.

Sunglasses: Another item that may be necessary to avoid the direct sun rays coming direct into your eyes.

If you wear prescription glasses, bring an extra pair or at least a copy of the prescription. If you wear contact lenses you may wish to bring a pair of glasses along, as the fine sand dust in the air in Egypt may irritate your lenses.

Also useful are cool wipes and moisturizing creams to protect your face from the hot, dry climate.

Medication: Of course, bring your prescription medicine. There is no problem with bringing prescription medication into Egypt. It is also more convenient to bring your favorite non-prescription medications along.

Camera: Refer to the section on Photography

Binoculars: Bringing your own binoculars might be a nice idea for those who like to use them.

Flashlight: To view artworks inside dimly lit tombs and temples. Pack a few extra batteries, too.

Power Adapters: Power Adapters come in two different varieties. Some electronic equipment have switches to allow you to change the power input type. For these, a simple wall adapter is all that is required. However, other electronic devices do not have such switches and in this case, you not only need a wall adapter, but also a power converter. Egypt uses 220 volt and plugs are two prong rounded.

An Extra Bag: A bag, preferably soft, which can be crunched up and carried into Egypt in another bag will be handy for most people. The bag will then be used to carry back souvenirs.



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