Dive Sites in Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh: Housereef Naama Bay


Housereef Naama Bay

One of the most unknown dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh is located right on our doorstep, Naama Bay. This is the only dive spot where you can dive all year round at any time day or night without using a boat or car.

Simply get geared up in the center and walk 50 m to the water edge and you start to dive. Here you will encounter all the sea life you can imagine. All kind of moray eels including the giant moray, schools of juvenile barracudas, sweet lips, rays and many more.

It is important to know where to find these treasures. The bay contains large areas of sand and sea grass. Here you will find a kind of marine life you cannot see on the drop offs and coral gardens. Many different kind of wart slugs, ghost pipe fish, shrimpfish, seahorses, crocodile and stone fish.

Night dives arranged on an individual basis in the dive center are a complete new experience with the activity of the nocturnal creatures in the reef. All day dwellers are sleeping in their night spots and can be observed from close range. Without any current and a gently sloping sandy bottom, the bay is perfect for Discover Scuba Dives and Scuba classes.





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