Egypt Travel Essentials: Health Matters


Health Matters

Full details of the latest health requirements should obtained from an authorized medical source, such as your doctor. At the time of updating this information, there are no mandatory health requirements for Egypt, however:

Ensure Tetanus and Polio boosters are up to date.
Yellow Fever. You will need a valid yellow fever inoculation certificate if arriving from or via an infected or endemic area (if you are unsure whether you come into this category, please contact either your local Travel clinic or doctor).
To prevent sickness while staying in Egypt you are advised to follow the golden rules, which are:

1-Only drink bottled water, never tap water.
2-Avoid ice in your drinks.
3-Eat only vegetables that have been cooked.
4-Avoid salads and all fruit that cannot be peeled.
5-Avoid food that looks as if it has been around for some time; especially meat or salad       dressings containing mayonnaise.



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