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 Ein Sukhna

EL-Ein EL-Sukhna: the Arabic for “ hot spring” was named after the nearby sulphur springs. It is also an ideal site for fishing and water sports.

Ein El Sukhna is about 140 km east of Cairo, just an hour away by car. It offers Cairenes and welcome, handy respite from the city's fast paced life.

The area is 40 km south of the port of Suez and is administratively part of the Suez Governorate. Its territory extends along the Red Sea shoreline for about 60 km from the southern borders of Ras El Adebbya in the north to Ras El Zaafarana in the south.

Close enough to Cairo for a day-trip; this popular weekend resort has fine beaches and coves, coral reefs, fishing and water sports.

This is not just a destination for people wanting a suntan and a week at the beach. It is also a place where you can indulge in history. There is ample evidence that the area had its place in history. It includes a famous group of the world's oldest monasteries west of Zafarana on the road to Kuraymat.

The most celebrated ones are those of St. Anthony (c. 251 -356), the founding father of monasticism, and St. Paul, which were built more than 16 centuries ago.

Rituals followed inside the monasteries today have hardly changed in hundreds of years.

A group of historians also believe the northern part of the Mount of Galala El Bahareya was the point from which Moses and the Israelites crossed in their exodus from Egypt's mainland into the Sinai Peninsula. They cite in their claims the fact that the bottom of the Gulf of Suez at this point is elevated.

As the main route to the Indies for Ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians, the Red Sea and its shores and ports also have a rich maritime history.

The area is known for its mild climate all year round. Temperatures range between a high of 32 degrees Celsius and a low of 9 degrees in January and show a variation of between 36 degrees and 30 degrees in July .

The average rate of humidity is 50 percent. It ranges between a maximum of 72 percent and a minimum 48 percent in December and shows a variation between 58 percent in May.

The area could be reached by land through one of the following highways & roads:
The Cairo - Suez Highway 110 km
The Kattameya - Ein El Sukhna Highway 95 km
The Kuramat - Zafaran Road 120 km
The Hurghada - Zafarana Road 320 km
The Suez - Ein El Sukhna Road 40 km

Hotels in Ein Sukhna

Amigo Hotel
Tel: 062-34 1-0000/1 12

El Sokhna Portrait
Tel: 062-332-5560/ 7

Mena Oasis
Tel: 062-329-0850/ 1 12

Tel: 062-341-0818/9

Ramada Ain Sukhna
Tel: 062-329-0500/510

Swiss Inn Stella Di Mare
Tel: 062-325-0100/117



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